Our goal at TW Music School is to create great musicians, and not just exam passes. We have a syllabus in place and exams are available, but we do not believe in blindly moving from grade to grade without fully understanding the instrument. Instead we focus on learning and applying music to a real life setting of performance and enjoyment. Music can be a hobby for some and a career for others, but our aim is to ensure it stays a part of our students lives forever whatever their goals. Our teachers all have a wealth of experiences as professional musicians and it is our passion to share that with others. Lessons with us are designed to be fun and engaging, but are of the highest standard: All lessons are given by professional, insured, DBS checked teachers, and are open to all ages and ability levels. Lessons can follow a structured syllabus or be tailored to the individual student’s needs. Grade exams are available to take with Rockschool, ABRSM or Trinity (TW Music School is a national exam centre for Rockschool so RS exams are held on site here). Our main focus is fun and enjoyment while progressing in a relaxed environment to nurture and encourage a passion for music. All teaching rooms are fully equipped with professional equipment and facilities.There is ample parking and a comfortable waiting area within the school



Guitar lessons are available seven days a week, one on one or in pairs. We have two acoustically treated rooms with excellent new Blackstar amplifiers as well as the latest software to help make learning fun and allow students to get their hands on high quality equipment. There is a syllabus in place to encourage development and grade exams are available to take, but it’s not just about progression though, and playing along with your favourite tracks is just as important, so we do a lot of that too. 
Our syllabus is geared towards a comprehensive overview of the guitar, making sure all students move forward at their own pace, whilst having fun in the process. Our teachers will pass on their real world knowledge and enthusiasm, and adapt lessons to suit the musical tastes and aspirations of each student. We can take you from a complete beginner, playing your first notes and basic chords, all the way up to advanced soloing, improvisation, music theory and stagecraft. For students with previous experience, we can help at what ever level you are at. Guitar lessons can be started as young as 4 – 5 years old depending on the child’s interest and attention span. To make things as fun and engaging as possible, we use a lot of music and games, and have a half sized electric guitar or ukulele to help the smaller ones get started.



Piano and keyboard lessons are available Monday to Friday with one of our professional teachers. The teaching room is acoustically treated and fully equipped with pro level electric stage pianos and an excellent Peavey PA system, set up ready for you to learn in the best possible environment. At TWMS we feel that enjoyment is the most important part of learning an instrument. Our lessons are tailored to each individual in order to help students reach their full potential, whether that be working towards a grade examination or being able to play along to one of your favourite songs! We want you to have fun, get creative and feel you are progressing at the right pace for you.
We offer piano lessons to all ages and abilities and will guide you through everything you need to know to become a well rounded musician, including: hand strengthening and co-ordination, understanding and developing rhythm and harmony, understanding written music, being able to play by ear and developing improvisation skills, in context with a variety of different musical genres. Music lessons can be started as young as 4 – 5 years old depending on the child’s interest and attention span and can include parental participation too.