“The guys here are more than just music teachers – they’re friends and mentors. They helped us choose the right kit and gave Jem good advice when it came to doing drumming with groups outside the school. We can’t fault it – TW Music School is a one-off.” – Emma (parent)

"As well as individual lessons, I also get the opportunity to explore my musical interests. I have the structure that I need as a beginner, and the freedom to explore when I want it. I find this combination has been really helpful in maintaining my motivation as I’ve got further into the lessons.” – David (student)

"The enthusiasm, encouragement and the dedication of the teachers is better than anywhere else we have been – awesome all the time!” – Katharine (parent)

“What I most like about lessons is that we follow a well thought out structure, but there is also always room for personal requests and for playing along with my favourite bands” – Maria (drum student)

"I really enjoy going to TW Music School for drum lessons as I can play along to my favourite songs each lesson. As well as this, the teachers are friendly and make learning to play the drums fun.” – Tabitha (student)