Virtual band sessions

Form a band – Make friends – Create music

With everyone currently stuck at home, playing music is a great escape but playing with other musicians and creating new music is a whole different level. Our new on-line ‘virtual’ sessions allow musicians to meet new people, write songs and create brand new bands

Online and offline learning

Using ‘Zoom’ we have online sessions to play and chat, but then set extra work between sessions to get students working on their own ideas or practicing parts for songs.

2 main programmes

1. How to be in a band – one online session per week and work set between sessions: £50 per month

2. Virtual band courses – A week long course with 2 online sessions per day with work set in between: £100 for the full week

What you will do:

    • Meet new people & make friends
    • Learn current rock & pop tunes
    • Discover & share new music
    • Choose a band name
    • Design a logo
    • Create band photos and decide on an image
    • Write and record your own songs
    • How to be innovative
    • Where to get inspiration
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