TW Music School Bands

With our school bands, we aim to coach musicians through the early stages of being in a band, from the very first steps of choosing a band name and playing in time, to gigging, touring and recording. We run an adult and a junior band, but are quite happy to run similar courses for already formed bands.

Topics will include:

  • Forming a band
  • Learning songs
  • Playing together
  • Performing live
  • Stage craft
  • Gig etiquette
  • Touring
  • Writing songs
  • Recording
  • Stage image
  • Marketing

If you are interested in joining one of our bands, please contact us to register your interest. Prior experience is not necessary and being a student of the school is not essential.

Cost is £40 per member per month and covers a minimum of 3 sessions per month (most months will be 4 sessions)

We are currently looking for the following

Junior band – Singer(s), guitarist(s), Bass, Keys, Drums, percussion

Adult band – Guitarist(s),Bass, keys