Lydia Bell – Vocals & Keys

Lydia Bell teaches at TW Music school on Saturdays and Sundays

Lydia has a powerful voice, reminiscent of the jazz greats, with a rich musical sensitivity that suits genres spanning from jazz, motown and soul, to acoustic and folk.

Her diverse musical background has led Lydia from a folk upbringing through musical theatre and classical repertoire, until she found her calling in jazz whilst studying a BA in music. With skills in a wide array of vocal and piano styles, she also has clarinet and alto saxophone firmly under her belt.

Having recently completed a masters in Jazz Performance (singing) at the world-renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she now enjoys life as a professional jazz singer, regularly travelling all over the UK to sing, having the privilege to sing with jazz orchestras, big bands, and her own ensembles, regularly entertaining crowds of thousands of people. She has a natural swinging vocal style and is set to gain recognition for this as she storms the London scene.

With such a thorough knowledge of many styles of music, her aim is to teach using different disciplines, from developing technical skills to training the musical ear, and is keen to accommodate individual student’s musical taste so as to motivate them in a genre that they love. She believes in going beyond the notes, delving into expression, theory and emotion.

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Credit to the ‘Concerts in the park’ photos: ‘Down For The Count, Photo by Andrew Fox