Live Events & Performing

The ultimate aim of most musicians is to perform live and we do our best to support our local live scene. We provide equipment and help out with several local events and are proud to sponsor Crowborough Rocks, a non-profit organization run by enthusiastic volunteers to encourage musicians in and around the Crowborough area with regular concerts and events. (For more information simply visit the Crowborough Rocks Facebook Page)

We also have close links to local venues such as the Forum in Tunbridge Wells and have been involved in many events in the Tunbridge Wells area, helping at concerts at the Assembly Halls, Trinity Arts centre as well as outdoor shows in the town itself.

As well as live events, we are also involved in trade events and regularly attend shows such as the London Drum Show and UK Drum Show. Music School owner Dave is also the founder of Backbone Drums and was recently a guest speaker at the UK Drum Show.

Click on the gallery below to see some pictures from events we have been involved in.

If you have an event you would like us to get involved with, or would like to find out more about our local live scene, please email us