NEW TEACHER REQUIRED: We are currently looking for a new piano & vocal teacher to cover one or two weekday evenings and possible weekends. Please email for more info.


Vocal lessons are available 4 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), one to one with one of our professional vocal teachers. We have an acoustically treated room with an excellent Peavey PA system, microphones, a sound system and electric stage pianos, creating the perfect space for you to comfortably and confidently train your voice.


We are here to help you, no matter what level you’re at with singing, whether you already have some experience and want to hone your talent, want to work towards a grade examination or just want to sing along to your favourite song and release some stress! We provide a warm, friendly and fun environment for all ages and abilities and tailor each lesson to each student’s needs, so you can feel comfortable to sing confidently and proudly.
We will coach you on vocal technique to avoid damaging your voice and to help you sing to your full potential. Lessons will include: breathing and vocal exercises, as well as working together to choose repertoire, which you love and that suits your vocal range and ability. We will also cover microphone technique, performance skills, rhythm and aural skills as well as improvisation and understanding written music. We span all musical genres and are open to any areas of singing you may want to explore. We also encourage recording lessons so you have access to everything you learnt in the lesson, from the comfort of your own home and to allow you to hear your personal development over time.


Music grade exams are not for everyone and are not compulsory, but a lot of students enjoy the challenge and like to work towards goals in this way. For anyone wanting to take graded vocal exams we use the Rockschool exam syllabus, and can take students from Debut and Grade 1 right up to Grade 8. The school is a national exam centre for Rockschool too, so exams are held on site.

Visit www.rslawards.com for more info


As well as having many years of high-level experience in teaching, our team of vocal teachers are also professional musicians, working on their own musical projects. Thus, are able to provide students with real industry advice and skills for if they wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. Click on the images below to find out more about our teachers!


“I would recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced, young to old, they make everyone welcome!” – Dom (student)