Drum lessons are available 7 days a week with one of our professional drum teachers. Our drum and live room is fully-equipped with the best equipment, is acoustically treated and air-conditioned. With our excellent Mackie P.A. system, you can drum away to your favourite songs as well as our comprehensive BackBone Drums teaching syllabus.



 Drum lessons are based around the Backbone Drums series of books and backing tracks. This creates a comprehensive structure where all elements of drum kit are covered from
groove playing to technique and reading music. The extensive catalogue of backing tracks ensures maximum amount of playing with music.
The accompanying software means that progress is recorded every lesson and lesson plans are issued to all students. This means that when one teacher is away, another can cover and pick up exactly where the last lesson ended.
Lessons are not just about progression though, and playing along with your favourite tracks is just as important, so we do a lot of that too.
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Music grade exams are not for everyone and are not compulsory, but a lot of students enjoy the challenge and like to work towards goals in this way. For anyone wanting to take graded drum exams we use the Rockschool exam syllabus, and cantata students right from debut and grade one right up to grade eight. The school is a national exam centre for Rockschool too, so exams are held on site here.

Visit www.rslawards.com for more info

Young student lessons

Drum lessons can be started as young as 3 – 4 years old depending on the child’s interest and attention span. To make things as fun as possible, we use the great ‘Drumables’ book. With full colour illustrations, progressive learning, games, backing tracks and reward stars, it is the perfect introduction for any young wannabe drummer.

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Our top team of drum teachers all have many years of high level experience touring, recording and producing. Click on the images below to find out more!


“Jem started drumming lessons at TW music school when he was 7. He was a bit unsure of himself then but the teachers helped him to become truly good at something, which has given him tremendous self confidence. They understand children. They understand musicians. The lessons are properly planned and my son goes along perfectly happily each week. I don’t even have to nag him to practice” – Emma (parent)