Germana La Sorsa – Vocals, Keys and Theory

Having grown up in a musical family Germana began her musical training attending classical and jazz piano and music theory lessons.

Quickly developing a particular interest in the art of singing and jazz vocals, she focused her attention on finding her own musical language under the guidance of some of the most popular Italian jazz musicians, singers and singing teachers (Paola Arnesano, Gianna Montecalvo, Roberto Ottaviano, to name but a few) and improving her technique by attending various workshops, clinics (such as Berklee College at Umbria Jazz Clinics) and masterclasses held by international artists, such as Bob Stoloff, Michelle Hendricks and Anita Wardell.

Having a particularly strong interest in rhythm, Germana also attended private drums and percussion lessons and workshops (Fabio Delle Foglie, Gilson Silveira).

Having started performing in Italy at an early age she worked her way up through the Italian Jazz scene to ultimately perform at the side of one of the most influential European jazz musicians: Franco Cerri (Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan, Django Reinhardt and many more).

Germana graduated from the University of Salento in Lecce earning a Bachelors degree in Sciences of Music and Performing Arts and a First-level Professional Masters Programme in Music and Audiovisual Communication and from the Conservatoire “Niccolo Piccini” in Bari, earning a masters in Jazz Music with the highest marks and special honours.

She completed her training as a singing teacher attending EVT (Estill Voicecraft) courses and under the watchful eye of both M ° Montecalvo and Alejandro Saorin Martinez (Certified Course Instructor with Testing Privileges of the Estill EVT method (VoiceCraft) and earning a certificate of figure proficiency (CFP) in Estill Voice Training.

On moving to the UK in 2017, she quickly started to work on her own projects and music and now performs regularly around London and the UK in some of the most prestigious venues such as The Vortex Jazz Club, Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club and Oliver’s Jazz Bar with some high profile musicians.

Germana believes that everyone can learn to sing at any age: as a singing teacher, she likes to model her lessons on the student that she interfaces with, creating a musical education course tailored for them, taking into account their goals.

She loves to make her students conscious of what they are able to achieve and of their potential.

“The reason why I really love to teach is that it is extremely gratifying for me to see how my students improve over the course of their lessons and became autonomous and self-confident, pushing themselves beyond their limits and enjoying the freedom that singing brings.”

Germana teaches here with us on Fridays and Saturdays.